Board of Supervisors Meeting Schedule


All Meetings of the Board of Supervisors shall Take Place at the Jackson Township Municipal Building at 1275 Huntsville Road, Jackson Township, Luzerne County Pennsylvania

All Meetings shall start at 6:00 Pm with the Exception of May, Sept. & Nov. shall start at 9:00 Am







Meeting Schedule

 Tuesday January 2,2018 at 5:30 Pm ( Reorganization Meeting) 

Monday February 5,2018 at 6;00 Pm

Monay March 5,2018 at 6:00 Pm

Monday April 2,2018 at 6:00 Pm

Monday May 7,2018 at 9:00 Am

Monday June 4,2018 at 6:00 Pm

Monday July 2,2019 at 6:00 Pm

Monday August 6,2018 at 6:00 Pm

Monday September 10,2018 at 9:00 Am

Monday October 1,2018 at 6:00 Pm

Monday November 5,2018 at 9:00 Am

 Monday December 3,2018 at 6:00 Pm 

Thursday December 20,2018 at 9:00 Am ( Budget Passage Meeting)


2017  Regional Emergency Management Agency Officers

• Regional EMA Chief #1 Alan Pugh ( Dallas Township)

• Regional EMA Deputy Chief #2 Jim Welby ( Lehman Township)

Regional EMA Assistant Chief # 3 Harry Vivian ( Dallas Borough)

Regional EMA Assistant Chief #4 Gary Biesel (Kingston Township)

  Regional EMA Assistant Chief # 5 Chuck Story ( Franklin Township)

Regional EMA Assistant Chief # 6 John J Wilkes Jr ( Jackson Township) 




We are a Proud Member of the Township Emergency Management Association  sponsored by the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors 


 Winter Prepardness Tips:

Click the PDF below:

Road Department Employees


 John Jay Wilkes Jr., Roadmaster

 Tim Bernick Assistant, Roadmaster

 Ron Stevenson

Thomas Ketchner

Timothy Rismondo

Clyde Littleford

Josh Evans

Bob Mitkus

David Lulewicz

Andrew  Salko






Jackson Township Police Department




• Chief of Police  James Balavage

  Sgt. Scott Davis

 Officer Kenneth Kugler

 Officer  Charles Rauschkolb

 Officer  Charles Yarick

 Officer  Robert Bartolomai

 Officer Josh Evans

 Officer Michael Kretchmer


Officer John  Edwards