Jackson Township  Board of Supervisors 

John Jay Wilkes Jr, Chairman

Al Fox, Vice Chairman

Tim Evans, Supervisor


Township Staff:

Al Fox, Township Secretary/ Treasurer

James Balavage,Chief of Police

Jeffrey J Malak,Esq Township Solicitor 

Barry Isett and Associates Township Engineers and Consultants

Barry Isett and Associates Third party Uniform Construction Inspection and Permitting Agency and Code Enforcement Officials

David Broadhead,Building Code Official / Zoning Officer

Joseph R. Stager, Planning/Flood Plain Administrator

 Barry Isett and Associates Zoning Officers and Code Enforcement Officers

 Dallas Area Municipal Authority ( DAMA) Sewage Enforcement Officers

John J Wilkes Jr ,Emergency Management Coordinator

Jim Welby and Tim Bernick ,Deputy Emergency Management Coordinators

Jolene Remus, Transcriber/Stenographer for the Board of Supervisor/Planning Commission/Zoning Hearing Board