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Letter to WVSA 1/9/19

Jackson Township

Board of Supervisors

1275 Huntsville Road

Jackson Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania 18708

John Jay Wilkes Jr, Chairman                                                                  Jeffrey J. Malak, Solicitor

Al Fox, Vice Chairman                                                                     

Tim Evans, Supervisor                                                                           

January 9, 2019

Mr. Jim Tomaine, Executive Director

Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority (WVSA)

100 Wilkes-Barre Street

Hanover Township 18706


Mr. Tomaine,


The Jackson Township Board of Supervisors believes the Fee Schedule being charged to our residence is excessive and far from fair to fund this unfunded Federal Regulation being burdened on our residence and those of our neighbors in Lehman and Plymouth Townships by the WVSA.


As you are aware Jackson Township is a mostly rural municipality made up of primarily wooded forest and farmlands and the majority of our Township is zoned Conservation and Agricultural with most of our Residential areas not being served by public water and sewer resulting in a minimum lot size of .5 Acres. Also Jackson Township participates in Growing Greener Community and Conservation Planning Township.


As a result most homes are located on large parcels of land and are not located directly on roadways and have large driveways and private roadways to their homes in Jackson Township that are much larger than in other areas you serve in the Wyoming Valley.


Based on this property, owners on larger parcels are being burdened with excessive fees due to primarily the length of their driveways and private roadways. According to your fee schedule, parcels with impervious areas less the 6999 square feet are being charged $4.80 permonth or $0.69 per 1000 square feet per month. As soon as the impervious area increases by just 1 foot to 7000 square feet the cost per thousand increases to $1,70 per 1000 square feet.


On behalf of the residence of Jackson Township, we are requesting the WVSA extend the deadline for payment for residence of Jackson Township and reconsider the method of determining the cost and fees per land owner. It would appear that being good steward of the environment and encouraging larger residential parcels that the cost and fees of this program are creating inordinate ,uneven ,unreasonable and an excessive impact on our rural residents in Jackson Township.


We are also requesting that you make every attempt and effort to determine a more reasonable and fair method to determine the cost of this Federal Mandate.


On Behalf of the Jackson Township Board of Supervisors.



John Jay Wilkes Jr


John Jay Wiles Jr, Chairman


Cc/ Supervisors Al Fox and Tim Evans

     Solicitor Jeffrey J Malak

     Senator Robert Casey

     Senator Patrick Toomey

     Representative Matt Cartwright

     Representative Tom Marino