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Letter to WVSA 1/9/19

Jackson Township

Board of Supervisors

1275 Huntsville Road

Jackson Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania 18708

John Jay Wilkes Jr, Chairman                                                                  Jeffrey J. Malak, Solicitor

Al Fox, Vice Chairman                                                                     

Tim Evans, Supervisor                                                                           

January 9, 2019

Mr. Jim Tomaine, Executive Director

Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority (WVSA)

100 Wilkes-Barre Street

Hanover Township 18706


Mr. Tomaine,


The Jackson Township Board of Supervisors believes the Fee Schedule being charged to our residence is excessive and far from fair to fund this unfunded Federal Regulation being burdened on our residence and those of our neighbors in Lehman and Plymouth Townships by the WVSA.


As you are aware Jackson Township is a mostly rural municipality made up of primarily wooded forest and farmlands and the majority of our Township is zoned Conservation and Agricultural with most of our Residential areas not being served by public water and sewer resulting in a minimum lot size of .5 Acres. Also Jackson Township participates in Growing Greener Community and Conservation Planning Township.


As a result most homes are located on large parcels of land and are not located directly on roadways and have large driveways and private roadways to their homes in Jackson Township that are much larger than in other areas you serve in the Wyoming Valley.


Based on this property, owners on larger parcels are being burdened with excessive fees due to primarily the length of their driveways and private roadways. According to your fee schedule, parcels with impervious areas less the 6999 square feet are being charged $4.80 permonth or $0.69 per 1000 square feet per month. As soon as the impervious area increases by just 1 foot to 7000 square feet the cost per thousand increases to $1,70 per 1000 square feet.


On behalf of the residence of Jackson Township, we are requesting the WVSA extend the deadline for payment for residence of Jackson Township and reconsider the method of determining the cost and fees per land owner. It would appear that being good steward of the environment and encouraging larger residential parcels that the cost and fees of this program are creating inordinate ,uneven ,unreasonable and an excessive impact on our rural residents in Jackson Township.


We are also requesting that you make every attempt and effort to determine a more reasonable and fair method to determine the cost of this Federal Mandate.


On Behalf of the Jackson Township Board of Supervisors.



John Jay Wilkes Jr


John Jay Wiles Jr, Chairman


Cc/ Supervisors Al Fox and Tim Evans

     Solicitor Jeffrey J Malak

     Senator Robert Casey

     Senator Patrick Toomey

     Representative Matt Cartwright

     Representative Tom Marino


September 15, 2017

Full Time Road Department Employee

The Jackson Township Board of Supervisors is currently accepting resumes for a Full-Time Road/Recycling Employee. The Road/Recycling Employee will be responsible for directing maintenance for all roads, municipal buildings and grounds, parks and recycling operations as directed by the Jackson Township Roadmaster. All applicants must be 18 years of age and have a current and valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License (Current Commercial Driver’s License Preferred). Applicants should have a clean driving record and agree to random drug and alcohol testing. The Road/Recycling Employee must have the skill and ability to operate all Jackson Township owned equipment/vehicles and/or rental equipment such as loaders, rollers, backhoes, pavers, grinders, mowers, blowers, snowplows and salt spreaders and all other equipment required as necessary. The Road/Recycling Employee must be available for call outs and overtime which will be necessary to complete road maintenance and/or snowplowing. The Road/Recycling Employee will be required to work in adverse weather conditions and emergency situations. Self-motivation and the ability to work as a team is a must. Salary will be determined and benefits are provided.

Resumes are being accepted by Mail, E-mail or Sealed Envelope.

Jackson Township

C/o John J Wilkes Jr, Roadmaster

1275 Huntsville Road

Shavertown Pa, 18708

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jackson Township is an Equal Opportunity Employer 

Home of Jackson Township Code Enforcement!

For more information please contact the Zoning Office at 570-675-8371 Ext # 3 for Zoning/Code Administrator Joe Stager


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About Jackson Township

As chairman of the board of supervisors, I would like to welcome you to our website. As a lifelong resident, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to our community and our Township form of government. Township government is the oldest form of government in the united states dating back to the 17th century, Jackson Township is run by a three-member board of supervisors elected at large for a six year term. Years ago, Township supervisors were mainly in charge of maintaining Township roads and plowing snow in the winter. Today as the needs of our residents have grown, so has the role and responsibility of Township supervisors. From public safety to emergency services to environmental protection Township supervisors, assume an ever greater role in providing services to the citizens of Jackson Township. The board of supervisors serves as the legislative body, setting policy, enacting ordinances, adopting budgets and levying taxes. The board of supervisors also performs the executive functions such as enforcing ordinances, approving expenditures and hiring employees. A supervisor may also serves on many committees within the community and county to better serve their community and residence. I certainly hope this brief overview of how Jackson Township works will make you feel right at home in Jackson Township.

-John Jay Wilkes Jr

Chairman, Jackson Township Board of Supervisors 


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Solid Waste Recycling

Drop Off Location is Open from 8 am to 8 pm every day at the Jackson Township Municipal Building for Jackson Township Residence Only.

                             We are having issues with our Vendors not being picking up the Containers due to a lack of Workers at the Recycling Centers!







Jackson Township Residence and Guests are provided with Ambulance and Advanced Life Support services 24 hour a day 7 days a week by the Back Mountain Regional Emergency Medical Services full time staff of Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians.

EMS Chief, Robert Skasko leads this dedicated team.


State Correctional Institution At Dallas Citizens Advisory Committee 2021


Matt Malcolm, Chairman

Jerry Palmaioli,Vice Chairman-Secretary

Jim Welby Public Member

John Jay Wilkes Jr Supervisor Chairman

Vince Mooney Public Member

Gerald E Williams Chief of Police



American Asphalt Citizens Advisory Committee 2020


Gerald Bernstein (Public Member Chase Road)

Robert Kush ( Public Member Vista Drive)

Len Martin ( Public Member Cobblestone Drive)

Al Fox   ( Board of Supervisors)

Agricultural Security Act Advisory Board 2020

Al Fox,Chiarman

David Roskos,Vice Chairman

William Evans Jr

Mark Manzoni

Duncan Macmullan

George Manzoni

Chet Mozloom

Joe Stager

Bob Tambur

Walter Billings

Planning Commission Members 2021




Dr David Moore, Chairman

Walter Billings,Vice Chairman

Charles Repotski

Dave Bradbury

Kevin Gliddon

Joan Roskos

Murray Miller

John Weaver 



David Lantz.Esq Solicitor






Recreation Board


Jackson Township Recreation Board


Jerry Palmaioli,Chairman

Dr. Todd Paczewski,Vice Chairman

Chris Chapple,Treasurer

Brooke Troxell-Secretary

Elizabeth Leo

Allison Swindell

Rob Roland

Drew Salko

Mike Kashinicki Jr